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t Bar Cinco you will find the mellow, welcoming environment of the tapas (Spanish appetizers) bars in Spain combined with the open, good-times quality of our culture here in America. We feature an extensive and diverse *tapas menu with daily Chef's Choice specials, offering the flavors of Spain with an American twist. Order your favorite drink at the bar, or check out our *specialty drinks and try something new. Every visit holds a truly distinctive experience for everyone to share and enjoy in our relaxing casita setting. Please join us for tapas and drinks!

Tapas Synopsis
The tradition of serving hors d'oeuvres with drinks is found all over Spain. These snacks are called tapas, which literally means a cover or lid. The association with appetizers is thought to have come from the old habit of placing a slice of bread or a piece of ham on top of one's wine glass, perhaps to exclude pests. This edible lid was the precursor of modern-day tapas, which are now par for the course should one go out on the town in Spain.
Business Hours:
Bar Cinco Is Now Closed
Driving Directions:
From Olympia:
  From I-5, take the WA-510 E exit 111 to Yelm - go 0.7 mi
  Turn right at Marvin Rd NE - go 0.4 mi
  Continue on Marvin Rd SE - go 1.2 mi
  At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto Pacific Ave SE - go 0.7 mi
  Continue on Pacific Hwy SE - go 1.3 mi
  Continue on St Clair Cut-Off Rd SE - go 2.9 mi
  Continue on Yelm Hwy SE - go 5.2 mi
  Bear right at Yelm Ave W - go 0.7 mi
  Arrive at 704 Yelm Ave W Yelm, WA 98597
From Parkland:
  From WA-512, head south on Pacific Ave - go 5.1 mi
  Bear right at WA-507 - go 7.6 mi
  Continue on Water St. E - go 0.1 mi
  Bear left at McNaught St. N - go 301 ft
  Continue on McNaught St. S - go 0.6 mi
  Continue on Spanaway McKenna Hwy - go 4.5 mi
  Continue on WA-507 - go 1.4 mi
  Continue on Yelm Ave. E - go 1.0 mi
  Continue on Yelm Ave. W - go 0.5 mi
  Arrive at 704 Yelm Ave. W Yelm, WA 98597

704 Yelm Ave. W    Yelm, WA    360-400-9000